Hatha Yoga Healing Style

Our Healing Yoga Style

There are some distinguishing characteristics to the Integral Style of Hatha Yoga that is taught in our Yoga Teacher Training Course.

 Integral Yoga Hatha

  • Anybody can do these poses
  • This practice teaches you how to sit still
    and train the mind to control the body
  • We practice classical postures that have
    specific benefits and are helpful for meditation
  • Yoga should be energizing and help you to
    feel relaxed and at ease for the day, not exhausted.
  • Practicing slower at times can allow for the internal
    feelings to be noticed thus deeper changes occur
  • Awareness of body brings about changes in awareness
    of eating habits and thus helps in weight loss or management
  • By longer held postures, you have time to notice the patterns in the mind
  • Intelligent sequences of poses
  • Emphasis is on therapeutics, maintenance and the internal physiology of organs and body systems (not just muscles and ligaments)
  • We teach breathing exercises and meditation from day 1
  • No overuse of same muscles groups
  • Breathing is always regulated, deep and appreciated  in the practice
  • We use “OM” and other sound healing techniques to work on the mind/body

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