Learn About The Philosophy of Yoga by Ram

Learn About The Philosophy of Yoga by Ram

A New Yoga Sutras Translation and
Commentary by Our Lead Instructor Ram Bhakt

Ancient Techniques For Thriving in Modern Times

New Book by Ram + Q&A Video

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    Living a healthy, happy, and purposeful life starts with a clear and focused mind. A Seeker’s Guide to the Yoga Sutras is an easy introduction to the lessons of Patanjali—graceful, concise explanations of spiritual truths. With short chapters that show you how to adapt these yoga sutras to modern life, you’ll be on an accelerated journey of the soul.

Need help falling asleep, controlling stress or anger, or just becoming a happier person? These teachings will help you do just that and more. According to this wisdom tradition, the mind, when truly understood, is an extraordinary tool that can take you to a state of total freedom.

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Why The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali?

    The gift of human life is to explore the possibilities of consciousness. Our lives contain many engagements from family, to society, and to environment. Each individual must navigate their way through this field.

Yoga, in all of its forms, is a method by which we can manage our physical, mental, and emotional actions through the power of understanding and present moment awareness.

     For the physical, what we seek is termed homeostasis. This is a balanced state where our nervous system is neither underactive or overactive. It is when all of our bodily systems (eg. digestive, respiratory, immune, etc.) are efficient and supply proper absorption and elimination of nutrients and information that we take in from the outside world.

This healthy body results in sufficient and renewable natural energy which is in tune with the rhythms of nature. The experience and expression of this balanced state is a mind that is motivated, helpful and pleasant instead of dull, destructive, and distracted.

What makes a Yogi then?

     A yogi is one who cultivates discipline, study and surrender. One who takes on the practice of yoga is seeking to accelerate their acquisition of wisdom and experience on all planes of reality. The attitude they take allows them to let go of and accept the past and to not identify their true being with their limitations, life circumstances, sorrows and difficulties.

This is accomplished by:

  1. Taking responsibility for one’s Karma (actions, reactions and desires)
  2. Actively noticing and managing one’s physical and mental patterns and activities
  3. Cultivating the healing potential within oneself

         The result is the development of hope and happiness and an attitude of creativity and engagement with the potentials of life. Consciousness, God or spirit is an organizing and expanding force. To explore and experience it intimately is to satisfy the soul’s need to know, to love, and to transcend.

        The book that I have written “A Seeker’s Guide to the Yoga Sutras” is a practical and easy to understand manual on your soul’s heroic journey.

    So what must be done to achieve this?

    Life is a natural unfolding into the realization of grace.
    First, we must know that there is no particular goal in the future that we are seeking.
    In every moment, every living being is supported by cosmic intelligence and cosmic life-force.

    We Are All Spontaneously Learning The Lessons of Creation
    & Are On Our Way To Final Liberation.

    - Ram Bhakt



    Here's a Sneak Peek to The First Chapter!

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