Clear Your Mind With This Creative Meditation Activity

Clear Your Mind With This Creative Meditation Activity

  Meditation isn’t one single thing. There are no carved-in-stone rules for how you should meditate, and you really can’t do it wrong. And that’s the beautiful thing about the practice. You can find an endless variety of fun ways to enjoy this simple act of meditation in your life. 

  But if I could say one thing that rings true about meditation, it is a quiet experience for yourself. The act of silencing the mind and creating a space in your thoughts can energize the mind and the body as you start, continue, or wind down your day. It’s like taking a break, plugging in, and re-setting your batter.

   The creative meditation practice I’ve outlined here is simply one way to observe the mind without judgment or reactivity. I hope you enjoy it.


A Creative Meditation Practice


   Do you make lists for all the things you have to do? If so, you might enjoy this creative meditation technique:

  • Take out a sheet of paper and write down all of your thoughts and plans.
  • Then close your eyes and begin to notice your breath (meditation).
  • As more thoughts come into your mind, go ahead and open your eyes and write them down on the paper and return to the meditation practice.

Do this for 10-20 minutes and you will notice your mind will become clearer (and solution-oriented). Also, after this it will be easier to sit in stillness and enjoy your spirit.


10 Super Benefits of Meditation

   Meditation is the traditional method for realizing a higher Self or a core-consciousness. The practice of meditation cannot be separated from yoga, as the bodily exercises in yoga help build a ground for meditation.

    The act of being silent and paying attention to your thoughts can also help you realize that you are not your thoughts. This awareness creates space within you, guiding you to become less reactive and mechanical in your actions.

   From a more scientific point-of-view, there has been a ton of research over the years regarding the benefits of meditation. Researchers have shown that yoga and meditation can increase the activity of stress-blocking neurotransmitters. 

   People who meditate show a significant increase in the gray matter of the hippocampus, which is associated with learning and memory. The research has also demonstrated a decrease in gray matter in the amygdala, which is associated with anxiety and stress.


Some other benefits of meditation include:

  1. Improved sleep
  2. Fighting addiction
  3. Decreased blood pressure
  4. Clear awareness of thought habits
  5. Increased attention span and focus
  6. A stronger understanding of the self
  7. Diminished perceptions of pain within the mind
  8. Possible reductions in age-related memory loss
  9. Positive feelings and empathy toward yourself and others
  10. Balanced emotional health with an improved self-image, reduced long-term depression, and a more positive outlook on life.


    Meditation continues to be a closely studied activity purely due to its positive potential on the self, others around you, and your wider surroundings. I expect to see many more new studies about meditation’s benefits in the future.



   Yoga and meditation are really about getting connected to your true self, going beyond the wanderings of the untrained mind. Meditation is a direct method for this. It is excellent for clearing the mind, organizing your thoughts, and getting your priorities straight. For many, this is the best first step to understanding and fulfilling desires and expectations of life.

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