Mantra Yoga

Mantra meditation is the practice of repeating a sound or phrase either audibly or internally (in the mind). Usually Sanskrit phrases or words are used in the Yoga tradition because they have been known to create specific effects in the mind, but any phrase which is repeated will create a stillness and calming which is the desired effect. In our yoga teacher training course, we introduce one or two longer traditional mantras like Sahana Vavatu and the Gayatri Mantra which are aphorism for learning and enlightenment. When a mantra is repeated continuously it can replace other thoughts in the mind that are not as useful. In this way mantra practice heals the deeper subconscious mind and brings it to a one-pointed state where it becomes still or filled with uplifting "yogic" thoughts. This is why mantra yoga is a great practice before meditation and can be used any time to reset the mind.   Back to teacher training page
man holding mantra book mala beads classical yoga

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