Yoga Beginners FAQ

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Answers to common yoga questions What does Yoga Mean? To seek to understand your true nature by calming the mind is yoga in practice. When the mind is calm, you experience your true nature as the witness to all the activities of life. To perceive reality clearly and without bias is one goal of yoga….

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Varieties of Yoga Practices

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These are some of the less commonly known yoga practices that we study in our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. Give them a try sometime 🙂   Pranayama Pranayama is the practice of observing, lengthening and controlling the breath or life-force in the body and mind. The mind and the breath are intimately connected. You can…

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What is Laughter Yoga? And why?

Everyone needs a good belly laugh from time to time—and it’s also good for you! They say that laughter is the best medicine for the soul, and everyone knows that laughing is a great booster emotionally. You may be wondering how yoga, which is quiet and contemplative, works with laughter and why anyone would want…

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