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 Ram Bhakt on The Spiritual Voice, Episode 0091


Many thanks to The Spiritual Voice Podcast for inviting me on. I hope that you find something useful in this conversation. The text below is from Pol Cousineau’s notes.

Peace and Love,
Ram Bhakt

This interview with Ram Bhakt ( unloads the term ‘meditation’ and offers you a deeper understand as to the nature of karma.

Simply, meditation is anytime that you step outside of your regular routine to reflect and connect. When you practice meditation, you turn on parts of your brain that are higher centers.

meditation brain centers lbsoyThis helps you to make choices and take actions that are in alignment with the direction you truly which to take in your life.

A lot of people make decisions that they regret because they are guided by passion, emotions or a lack of stability within their selves. Meditation provides you with a solution to these patterns, to avoid making choices that you could regret.

Karma can be perceived non-linearly as well as a form of perception. Karma itself is action or work. Our expert refers to the Sutras of Pantajali when unpacking this sutras book cover

Ultimately, the only thing that is real is the present moment and your perception of it. Meditation offers you a path to see more clearly and refine your perception.

Ram offers you an alternative to reacting to the circumstances dictated by our choices. Karma is both something that is moving in time yet it is also non-existent as the spirit moves through lifetimes unchanged. When you sit to meditate, you can include both concepts to go beyond the theory.

When you meditate you can observe your reactions to your actions yet you can also realize that nothing really changed. The witness or spirit is the same being that is within you.

Early stages of meditation will give you a tool to learn about yourself and improve your life. As you continue a practice the objective often becomes a practice to commune with a higher dimension of your being and yourself.

Listen to the interview for advice on overcoming challenges towards a consistent meditation practice, learning about surrendering, appreciation and the environment for your spiritual practice.

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About Our Expertmeditation and yoga teacher ram bhakt

Ram Bhakt studied neurobiology at UC Berkeley. He was introduced to Integral Yoga at Yogaville Ashram in Virginia.At an Ayurvedic Yoga training course with Vedic practitioner Dr. David Frawley, Ram embraced the scholar as a role model that shared his worldview integrating his passion for psychology, medicine, music and philosophy. Ram studied Ayurveda with Dr. Lal Krishnan and Dr. Sundar Raman in India.

He founded Long Beach School of Yoga to bring traditional teachings to those seeking it and to share the ancient wisdom that has helped him find physical, mental and spiritual well-being.Ram Bhakt is involved with building programs and educational outreach for community groups throughout Southern California by leading teacher training courses, workshops, retreats, Laughter Yoga and Kirtan.


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