What is Laughter Yoga? And why?

Everyone needs a good belly laugh from time to time—and it’s also good for you!

They say that laughter is the best medicine for the soul, and everyone knows that laughing is a great booster emotionally. You may be wondering how yoga, which is quiet and contemplative, works with laughter and why anyone would want to mix the two—but the truth is that there are a lot of great reasons that laughter yoga is something you should try!

I personally didn’t experience the benefits of laughter yoga laughter-yogauntil I stayed at the Yogaville Ashram. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I emerged from that first session with a whole new perspective.

Laughter yoga showed me a lot about how my emotions and mind interacts, while also revealing that I was not as in control of my mind and ego as I initially thought.

Intrigued, I took a few more sessions, and over time I became more accustomed to this new way, and it became easy to laugh naturally and share that infectious feeling of happiness and joy that a good laugh brings to us all.

Check out this demonstration on Buzzfeed! Almost 3M views!!! 🙂

Top 7 reasons to try Laughter Yoga

1. Laughing is natural and healing (and fun)
2. When you laugh there is no ego or sense of mind/body limitations
3. Laughing in a group is a fun social experience
4. Anybody can do it! But some people need the practice to let go…
5. Laughter Yoga helps us to accept the absurdity of life and ourselves
6. Laughter is great for low energy syndrome (lol) digestion and improving breathing
7. Did I mention laughing is fun?

Laughter Yoga On Campus

Here are the students at Cal State University Dominguez Hills, practicing during their health awareness week activities.

You don’t need any special tricks or tools—just an ability to laugh with others in a fun environment, which means letting go of hang ups. Life can be absurd at times, so why not just laugh at it?

In a world where we are constantly told to think and analyze every action we take, laughter yoga reminds us that the quietening the cacophony of the mind opens you up—and of course, laughing reminds us that life shouldn’t be taken so seriously.


Ram Bhakt

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