Maria R Testimonial teach yoga

My experience was life changing, especially because I joined the course mainly to further my own knowledge and practice with yoga and not specifically to teach. As the old saying goes, “If you want to learn about something, teach it!” And as I embarked on this journey, I was blown away by how it transforms you on every level: mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically in a matter of months. And as life changing as it is, Ram, was the perfect instructor for me during my training, being ever so patient and supportive as I “processed” breaking out of old patterns and letting go to make room for the “new & unexpected” as a Yoga Teacher! With his support, I can genuinely say, he reignited a spark of why I wanted to teach yoga in the first place, for the “healing & transformation” that is not only “taught” in his class, but also felt wholeheartedly. I highly recommend this training course with Ram, he is straight to the point, no sugar coating, gives you to the fundamentals and provides all the resources, the rest is up to you to stay committed to your soul’s purpose!

Maria R