5 Things Yoga Teachers Should Know

Author: Ram Bhakt

I took my first yoga class at the age of 25 to get help for my back pain so to say that I knew I wanted to be a yoga teacher from the start would be false.

Yoga is something I grew to love after years of practice.

I would take classes and go to the beach to practice on my own.

It made me feel more alive and challenged my mind and body to be stronger and more patient.

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I knew there was more to explore and that if I continued I would experience something more than what other “exercises” or hobbies could offer.

Eventually I went to Yogaville Ashram to live in a spiritual community devoted to the yogic lifestyle. There I met my first teacher Dr. David Frawley who encouraged me to go to India to study Ayurveda.

Five years later, I became a full-time yoga teacher.

It’s been a decade since I first started and I’ve learned many life lessons that have grounded me along the way.

I’ve compiled these lessons into a short ebook called “5 Things I Wish I Had Known About Becoming a Yoga Teacher” to address all of the most common concerns when it comes to pursuing yoga as more than a hobby.

Inside this 100% free ebook you will learn:

 • A common misconception about succeeding as a yoga teacher
• How to identify what kind of teacher you want to be
• The keys to being a (financially) successful yoga teacher
• How to choose the Teacher Training program that’s right for you
• 7 tips to hit the ground running on your journey to becoming a yoga teacher
… and much more!

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– Ram

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