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    We offer workshops on special yoga topics such as Meditation, Pranayama, Ayurveda and Laughter Yoga!

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    Our 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Training helps you become a deeper yoga practitioner who can lead with knowledge and compassion.

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    You can fill out an appointment form on our website for more personal attention such as Private Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, Ayurvedic Healing Consultations.

Upcoming events

Date Name Location
March 24 Digital Detox Yoga Retreat

Liberty Advance San Diego Retreat Center

1585 Jewel Valley Rd, Boulevard, CA 91905


March 31 Business of Yoga Retreat

Yogaville Ashram

Buckingham, VA

Yogaville Programs Department

(continuing education)

August 30 Free Teacher Training Q&A

Cal State Long Beach Campus (map)

LA4-105 Liberal Arts Building 4

September 06 Yoga Teacher Training Begins

Cal State Long Beach Campus (map)

LA4-105 Liberal Arts Building 4

September 13 Yoga Sutras 4-Week Course

Cal State Long Beach (map)

LA-4 Rm. 105

Wed nights

Sept 13 – Oct 4


As a recent graduate of the Long Beach School of Yoga RYT 200hr Teacher Training program, I can confidently say that I am forever changed. Under the professional and loving direction of Ram Bhakt, my yoga practice has deepened in ways that I could never have imagined. I now have a deeper understanding of not only the roots and lineage of this sacred practice, but also of the critical importance of my conscious connection to my breath. Through the beautifully tailored yoga and meditation practices, I was able to seamlessly implement mindfulness into every aspect of my life, not just when on the mat. My self-awareness and ability to be fully present have increased in a way that will surely guide me as I continue to grow and expand in this life. After completing this course, I feel confident and excited to share my knowledge of yoga, meditation and Ayurveda with others as a certified yoga instructor. I hold such gratitude in my heart for Ram and for his guidance on this part of my journey. I am honored to have been a student at the LBSOY and would highly recommend this course to all. If you are seeking a deeper understanding of yoga or, more importantly, a deeper connection to your most sacred self, look no further. Come, find your tribe, find your voice, find yourself.

Christine F.

I completed my RYT-200 with Long Beach School of Yoga. Ram is a very knowledgeable teacher. Ram stays true to the ancient yoga philosophies and his yoga is authentic. I not only learned so much about all things yoga, but throughout these three months I saw a personal transformation within myself. To me, his training is not only about the yoga asanas (postures), but on how to change your life in a positive way based on the yogic and Ayurvedic philosophies. I recommend his training for anyone who is interested in becoming a teacher or even deepening their own understanding of yoga and of themselves.

Om shanti!
Sarah A.

Ram provided a small, intimate setting with personalized attention. Ram brings his knowledge and life experience of yogic culture and lifestyle to his students. I appreciate his focus on the spiritual practice of yoga devoting equal parts time to meditation and asana. If you are looking for a training that focuses on the heart of yoga, connecting to your soul, and the soul of the world...give this gift to yourself.

Cary C.

Ram is an amazing teacher!

I had the honor of going through his Teacher Training program and it changed my entire life.
I have been practicing Yoga for many years but it was not until this course, did the impact really effect every aspect of my life.
Ram teaches a very authentic yoga and the knowledge he has to offer can be learned in no book.

I recommend his classes, retreats, workshops, and teacher training to any one and everyone.

Om Shanti
Shanel B

My experience was life changing, especially because I joined the course mainly to further my own knowledge and practice with yoga and not specifically to teach. As the old saying goes, "If you want to learn about something, teach it!" And as I embarked on this journey, I was blown away by how it transforms you on every level: mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically in a matter of months. And as life changing as it is, Ram, was the perfect instructor for me during my training, being ever so patient and supportive as I "processed" breaking out of old patterns and letting go to make room for the "new & unexpected" as a Yoga Teacher! With his support, I can genuinely say, he reignited a spark of why I wanted to teach yoga in the first place, for the "healing & transformation" that is not only "taught" in his class, but also felt wholeheartedly. I highly recommend this training course with Ram, he is straight to the point, no sugar coating, gives you to the fundamentals and provides all the resources, the rest is up to you to stay committed to your soul's purpose!

Maria R

Ram, thank you so so much for the knowledge, wisdom, love, and teachings you have provided to us as your students. I enjoyed everything throughout the Yoga Teacher Training. The best thing that I take from your teachings is to find myself in silence. I've mentioned this before too, but these 3 months have been totally transformational for me. I've learnt so much about yoga: its meaning, its depth and the overall experience that I wish to spread in the best way I can. Thank you for showing us the light, that we can now take with us anywhere we go.

Love & Respect,
Samana B

Ram's teacher training course at LBSOY opened my world. The yoga he teaches is true and traditional, straight from the yoga sutras, a lineage handed down from master to student for generations. We learned about the great philosophers, understanding the human mind, and caring for it through a comprehensive review of aryuveda. There are so many possibilities of what you can do with a training like this, from yoga therapy to meditation instruction, teaching Seniors and kids, or simply gaining a deeper understanding of your own body, mind, and the journey you're on inside and out. I recommend this course for anyone seeking real yoga, ready to be challenged and transformed.

Proud to be a LBSOY GRAD!
Kelly M

Great experience, never did I think Yoga was such a fundamental practice. Ram has planted the seed to continue growing as a Yogi, with great knowledge, apply Integral Yoga with students of all ages, size and shapes. Also, learning how Ayurveda comes hand in hand with Yoga Practice and your state of mind and health.

Om Shanti everyone
Laura T

My Yoga Teacher Trainings have been fully supported by the education, wisdom and talents Ram has brought to our circles.
He is a friendly, down-to-earth teacher with an endless source of knowledge from both study and experience. An authentic Yogi who practices the Yogic lifestyle, Ram Bhakt can share with clarity. He steps up easily as a group leader/facilitator and connects the community with ease.

Cloud Nine Yoga is grateful to recommend Ram for lecture and yoga teacher positions.

Erika Faith
Founder of Cloud Nine Yoga